Topic: How to create size of images with relation to viewing distance

I want to make several size images of the same stereogram.  I have noticed differences in the number of texture strips in various sized images.  I have assumed that the number of had to do with the higher definition of the stereogram's reveled 3D image.  Perhaps it really has to do with the size of the images and the viewing distance.

Your Stereographic Suite 2 is Great!!  I would guess that I can not have a real appreciation of all the thought and time that went into creating it.  None the less thank you for your programs.

I have been interested in stereograms since their more notable (at least here in the states) introduction by "Magic Eye". One of the first programs I used was Popup Pro. A good program for the time.

Back to the size and viewing distance. 

Here's my conundrum. Is there a way to calculate a parallax width and strip count that is optimum for a certain size image and viewing distance?  If it can be calculated can the results be used to set the parameters in your program?

I have viewed so many stereograms, good and bad, and been able to make them "pop" :^).  However, I know some have had too wide of a viewing parallax distance in the stereogram image.  My eyes could feel the strain of pulling outward.

I am very proficient in Photoshop. And I think I have a pretty good understanding of the affect parallax has on using your eye muscles to view stereograms.  I created a stereogram for a letter  (8'5in X 11in) sized canvas. I then used Photoshop to enlarge the image.  while, I could still "see" the 3D images it was difficult and strained my eyes.  I assume that the stereogram distortion's where larger and further apart do to the up sizing of the image without changing the strip size with regard to the parallax problem.

Just a little about me. I am 73 years old, still have a sound mind :^() and love both viewing and creating Auto Stereograms. I work in Photoshop for at least 20 hours a week and have been and still are for over 30 years.

Re: How to create size of images with relation to viewing distance

Dear Roger,

Thank you for your message and sorry for the late answer.

Do you mean Popout Pro? It was my first stereogram software too. smile

Regarding calculating optimal parallax based on stereogram size and viewing distance. Well, maybe it can be calculated. I'll think about it. It would be a very nice function.

Very happy to meet you. I'm 30 years old (tomorrow 31) developer of Stereographic Suite and I hope I will be able to please you with new versions of the software soon.

Yury Plashenkov

Re: How to create size of images with relation to viewing distance

Hi Anyone, where do I go to learn how to use Stereographic suite?