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Topic: Won't run in Delphi

I get the same results in Delphi 2009 and XE2.

Since it won't open the Lazarus example, I created a new VCL form and added two buttons and memo (as there are in main.pas of the example).

As soon as I add the code to TForm_Main.Button_DB_CreateClick(Sender: TObject) the project will build/compile but when run it exits immediately. I cannot trace into the program.

Is there an example project for Delphi?

I tried with a FireMonkey app as well.  The program still exits immediately when run.

Re: Won't run in Delphi

Running the program outside of the IDE shed some light on the problem.  The Windows loader complained about the missing .DLL file.

However, even with the SQLite3.dll file in the same folder as the Project.exe the Delphi IDE still cannot run the program.

Re: Won't run in Delphi

Thank you for the help! smile